You asked: Which is incorrect in reference to inter flowering period?

Senescent phase signifies that after this phase the plant cannot reproduce. Therefore this is an incorrect option. Note: The inter flowering period represents the juvenile phase as the plant though reaches maturity before flowering once, but needs to develop and gain maturity again for the next round of flowering.

What is the inter-flowering period?

Interflowering period is the period of time in between two successive flowering in a plant.

Which of the following is incorrect about flowering plants?

“Which is incorrect about flowering plant?” The ovary wall after syngamy converted into pericarp which is protective in function. In flowering plants, the zygote develops into the embryo and the ovules develop into the seed.

Question : Which is incorrect about flowering plant?

Question Which is incorrect about flowering plant?
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Which plant has recovery phase or inter-flowering phase?

In polycarpic plant the period between two flowering phases is known as interflowering period or recovery phase. During this plant accumulates resources which are required for flowering.

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Does Neelakurinji have inter flowering period?

The plants which flower more than once in their life time such as perennial Strobilanthus Kunthiana (neelakurinji), their interflowering period represents juvenile phase . Although, they pass through mature phase on flowering for the first time. But for flowering for the next time they require further development.

What is inter flowering period Name two plants showing this condition?

Mango, Banana, Hibiscus and Avocado are some of the examples that shows inter flowering period. The inter flowering period represents the time period between two consecutive flowering. The plants which flower more than once , their inter flowering period represents juvenile phase .

Which one of the following statements regarding post fertilization in flowering plant is incorrect?

Which one of the following statements regarding post-fertilization development in flowering plants is incorrect? Explanation: Post fertilisation, the ovule develops into seed, ovary into fruit, zygote into embryo and central cell into endosperm.

Which of the following statements regarding post fertilization development in flowering plants is in correct?

-Embryogeny: The process of growth and development of an embryo from a zygote in the flowering plants. Hence, the correct answer is option (D), i.e. Ovules develop into the embryo sac.

What does angiosperm mean in plant?

Angiosperms are plants that produce flowers and bear their seeds in fruits. They are the largest and most diverse group within the kingdom Plantae, with about 300,000 species. Angiosperms represent approximately 80 percent of all known living green plants.

Which of the following is seasonal flowering plant?

The seasonal plants are the specialised annual plants which are characterised by the flowering pattern once in a year only for two or four months. The seasonal medicinal plants are: Basil (Tulsi) Chamomile.

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What is polycarpic give example?

Polycarpic plants are the type of flowering plant that develops fruits and flowers several times. These plants are perennial (having a life cycle of more than two years). These plants survive for many years. Examples: wheat, rice, carrot, etc.

In which of the following plant Inter-flowering is present?

Plant having inter- flowering period is Wheat.

Inter-flowering period is the period between two reproductive phases (flowering phases).

Is Mango a polycarpic?

The antonym for monocarpic is polycarpic.

Distinguish between Monocarpic and Polycarpic plants.

Monocarpic plants Polycarpic plants
Examples: Rice, Wheat, Carrot, etc. Examples: Mango, Grapes, Apple, etc.

Are oranges polycarpic?

Those plants which set seeds and undergo flowering a number of times before they die are called polycarpic plants. Five among the above mentioned plants which include Mango, Litchi, Guava, Lemon and oranges are polycarpic.