What is the green stuff used in flower arranging?

By Liam Mannix. If you are lucky enough to receive flowers this Valentine’s Day, you may also get something not so rosy: a chunk of wet green foam. Floral foam is widely used because it’s extremely useful. By anchoring flower stems in it, florists can build enormous and sometimes gravity-defying arrangements.

What is the green stuff florists use?

Floral foam – those green blocks of sponge-like foam that is also known as Oasis – is much-loved by florists for it’s convenience.

What is green floral foam made of?

In technical terms, it’s an open cell phenol-formaldehyde foam. Floral foam is essentially plastic. It’s a petroleum-derived product, meaning it comes from a non-renewable resource. And it contains formaldehyde and carbon black.

What is the gel used in flower arrangements?

Flower gel, also known as water gel, comes in pellet and bead form. The small polymer gel pellets absorb water and swell to many times their original size. Over time, the pellets dry out and shrink down to their original size, thereby making them reusable. Use floral water gel to simulate water in a floral arrangement.

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What is florist sponge made of?

It’s made by reacting phenol and formaldehyde with each other to produce the plastic. Air is then added to turn it into foam. That foam is treated with detergents to give it the unique ability to soak up water. The foam is made with two toxic chemicals, but is not necessarily harmful.

Why should you use floral foam?

Why use floral foam? Because it stabilizes flowers. Floral foam also holds water (adding flower food is recommended), which increases fresh flower longevity. Foam’s stability means you can create and deliver the design you intend.

What is floristry oasis made of?

Oasis is made with OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife. Floral foam is an open cell plastic. It is a green fine-celled thermoset phenolic plastic foam.

What can I use instead of Oasis foam?

What are alternatives to floral foam?

  • Chicken Wire. Chicken wire has become one of the designer’s materials of choice and has been used for many years as an alternative to wet floral foam. …
  • Flower Frogs. …
  • Gravel rocks and pebbles. …
  • Willow, rattan or pliable reeds. …
  • Wood Wool. …
  • Straw. …
  • Water vials. …
  • Flower Foliage.

Is floral foam the same as Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is not like wet floral foam that holds water. Artificial flowers do not need water and styrofoam wreath bases are best suited. As long as we have the shape and size required, dry floral foam can also be used for artificial flower arranging.

What type of foam is used for artificial flowers?

Dry floral foam bricks (also known as floral styrofoam) are easy to cut and work with in the same way as wet floral foam except you do not need to soak them in water. They are mainly used for plastic plants, fake plants and artificial flower arrangements.

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What do you cover floral foam with?

Wrap tape around the foam to prevent it from falling apart from all the wires going through it. Tape provides extra security, especially for big arrangements. Cover the foam with green moss, especially if you are using foam that is any other color other than green.

What is the clear stuff in fake flower arrangements?

Acrylic Water Resin and Hardener is a two-part resin that when added with a hardener dries and sets rock hard to become a clear block of acrylic plastic. It can give the appearance of purely natural clear water to your silk flower arrangements and other craft projects.