Question: Can you get hydrangeas in January?

You’ll be glad to know hydrangeas are available to florists year round. … Winter brides (December, January, February) often use hydrangea blooms when they want a large white bloom. This beautiful bloom is a wonderful wedding flower choice.

Can you get hydrangeas in the winter?

Make sure it stays hydrated throughout the winter if you don’t have snow cover. … If you live in an area that doesn’t have snow — or doesn’t get snow — make sure you’ve got enough rain or water to get them through. Also, be sure the base of the hydrangea is covered with wood chips, oak leaves, pine straw or other mulch.

What flowers can you get in January?

Which flowers and plants are in season in January?

  • Delphinium. Tall flower spikes in a colourful range of options, such as whites, purples and pinks but are most commonly found in blue.
  • Forsythia. …
  • Freesia. …
  • Ginger (Alpinia) …
  • Helleborus. …
  • Lilacs. …
  • Lisianthus. …
  • Narcissus (Daffodil)

What do you do with hydrangeas in January?

Leaving the old flowers on the plant over winter, until the worst frosts are over, will help protect the stems and their new buds. Once the sap starts to rise in spring, these buds will open and many should go on to carry blooms the following year.

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Are hydrangeas available all year?

Wholesale Hydrangea is not available in the winter months. Broadly ‘Fresh’ varieties are available from mid May until the end of September and ‘Classic’ hydrangea varieties are available from June to November.

Can hydrangeas survive a freeze?

A few nights at or slightly below 32 degrees Fahrenheit are unlikely to kill a hydrangea or do serious long-term damage. Hydrangeas that bloom on old wood are root hardy down to USDA zones 5 and 6, or minus 20 F to minus 15 F. New-wood bloomers are more cold tolerant, down to zones 3 or minus 40 F.

What flowers bloom in January February?

Beautiful Flowers that Bloom in the Winter

  • Hellebore. Some of these flowers, which often resemble fresh cut red roses, are known as Christmas roses, reports HGTV. …
  • Phlox. These perennials typically bloom all season long, according to the news source. …
  • Winter Jasmine. …
  • Algerian Iris. …
  • Snowdrops. …
  • ‘Jelena’ Witch Hazel.

Can I get peonies in January?

Peonies in Season: December, January, and February

Peonies are grown in South America during December, January, and February, where they are enjoying summer while we in the north are chilling. This is good news for brides who have planned “Winter Wonderland” weddings during and after the holiday season.

How do hydrangeas look in winter?

Hydrangea flower heads turn dry and brown in the fall and will remain that way throughout winter if not removed. Hydrangeas also lose their leaves during fall, but the brown stalks remain upright unless pruned back.

Is it OK to prune hydrangeas in January?

The white flower heads can be as big as 30cm across and they stand to attention unlike some varieties that tend to flop over. This variety requires a good prune back to about 30cm in late winter or very early spring. … Hydrangea make excellent cut flowers, too. They can last for at least a couple of weeks in a vase.

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How do you prepare hydrangeas for winter?

The simplest method is to mound shredded leaves or bark mulch around the base of the plant to about 12 inches or so. Put the mulch mound in place in late fall after the ground freezes and uncover plants in spring when temperatures begin to stay above freezing.

How long is hydrangea season?

Hydrangeas are woody flowering shrubs grown for their beautiful blossoms. As to when hydrangeas bloom, the simple answer is that a usually a hydrangea flowers from mid-spring through the late summer or early fall.

When should I buy hydrangeas?

Choose a Healthy Plant

You’ll find potted hydrangeas for sale at nurseries during the growing season. If possible, buy your plant when it’s blooming, so you’re sure you’re getting the flower type—and color—you want.

What month do white hydrangeas bloom?

From late summer to autumn, this paniculata hydrangea bears large panicles of fragrant, pure white star-shaped flowers, which mature to pink in late autumn. Forming a large shrub, it’s ideal for growing at the back of the border, particularly in a cottage garden or woodland scheme, and makes an excellent cut flower.