Best answer: How the position of mother axis with respect to the flower is represented in a floral diagram?

Assertion : The position of mother axis with respect to the flower is respected by a dot on the top of the floral the flower is respected by a dot on the top of the floral formula .
Reason : The fabacea family was earlier called Leguminosae , a subfamily of family papilionoidae.

How do you represent Mother axis in a floral diagram?

A dot on the top of the floral diagram represents the position of the mother axis.

What is Mother axis with respect to flower?

Mother Axis is the axis (stem) upon which the flowers are borne. … When the flower is solitary terminal, the flower terminates the mother axis and all sides of it have the same relation to the mother axis.

What is the axis to which the floral organs are attached?

flower anatomy

The receptacle is the axis (stem) to which the floral organs are attached.

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What is the mother axis?

The mother axis is that axis which have that stalk that bears the flower of a plant and this is the major axis around which the other parts of the flower are drawn.

What is floral axis class 11?

A flower is a modified shoot wherein the shoot apical meristem changes to floral meristem. The arrangement of flowers on thefloral axis is termed as inflorescence. … In cymose type of inflorescence, the main axis terminates in a flower; the flowers are borne in a basipetal order.

What is cohesion and adhesion in flower?

Adhesion in a flower occurs when the dissimilar floral parts unite with each other. For example, stamens can unite with petals to form epipetalous flowers, stamens can unite with perianth lobes to form epiphyllous flowers, stigma, style and stamens can unite to form gynostegium etc.

Which type of inflorescence is the main axis?

In cymose inflorescence, the main axis.

What is cohesion in floral formula?

Floral formula also shows Cohesion and adhesion within parts of the whorls and between the whorls … … The joining may be within the whorls. For example, petals may be joined with each other. This is called cohesion. The joining may be between the whorls.

What is plant axis?

The floral axis (sometimes referred to as the receptacle) is the area of the flower upon which the reproductive organs and other ancillary organs are attached. It is also the point at the center of a floral diagram.

What does the symbol represent in the floral formula of a flower?

– Floral formula consists of five symbols. These are a number of sepals, numbers of petals, floral symmetry, number of carpels and number of stamens. – In the following question K represents calyx (sepals), C represents Corolla (petals), A represents androecium (stamens), G represents gynoecium (carpels).

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What the part of flower is represented in floral diagram in the form of transverse section?

The gynoecium is represented by a transverse section of the ovary.

Is the floral axis is the stem?

The floral axis is a greatly modified stem; unlike vegetative…

Which of the following attaches the flower to the stem?

Filament – This is the stalk that holds the anther and attaches it to the flower.

What do you call to the female reproductive organ of a flower?

Pistils: Female Reproductive Organs

The pistil includes an ovary (where the ovules are produced; ovules are the female reproductive cells, the eggs), and a stigma (which receives the pollen during fertilization).