You asked: Why the plant pea produce blue colour flower explain the genetic material which involves in it?

How many genes are involved in pea flower color?

The study, presented in the journal PLoS ONE, describes two pea genes, known as A and A2, that regulate the production of anthocyanins.

What is special about pea plant in genetics?

Mendel studied the inheritance of seven different features in peas, including height, flower color, seed color, and seed shape. To do so, he first established pea lines with two different forms of a feature, such as tall vs. … Mendel called the visible form the dominant trait and the hidden form the recessive trait.

What colour are the flowers on peas?

The purple colour of pea flowers can also be attributed to the accumulation of anthocyanins, whereas the white pea flowers lack these pigments.

How many genes are in pea plants?

The pea genome spans 4.45 Gb and is organised into seven chromosomes. The chromosomes have extended primary constrictions due to the presence of multiple domains of centromeric chromatin. The sequence assembly represents 88% of the genome and contains 44 756 annotated genes and 2 225 175 repetitive elements.

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What is the role of pea gene A?

The Gene for Purple Flowers Codes for a Protein Involved in Regulating the Production of an Enzyme Required for Anthocyanin Synthesis. Purple flowers (A) are dominant to white flowers (a).

Is pea color determined by a single gene?

The results of these experiments showed that pea color is controlled by one gene, which has a “green” form and a “yellow” form. Each form is called an allele.

What does it mean when pea plants are described as true breeding?

Mendel’s Crosses

The result is highly inbred, or “true-breeding,” pea plants. These are plants that always produce offspring that look like the parent. By experimenting with true-breeding pea plants, Mendel avoided the appearance of unexpected traits in offspring that might occur if the plants were not true breeding.

What are the characteristics of pea plants?

What Are The 7 Characteristics Of Pea Plants?

  • Colour (green or yellow)
  • Shape (round or wrinkled)
  • Colour of pod (green or yellow)
  • Shape of pod (constricted or inflated)
  • Size of the plant (tall or dwarf)
  • Position of flowers (axial or terminal)
  • Colour of flower (purple or white)

What colour are peas?

Pea seeds naturally appear in a variety of colours from shades of yellow to dark purples, but it is the vibrant green pea that has been exploited widely for food. However pea seeds can lose their green colour at or after seed maturity.

Why is my pea flower pink?

It’s an umbellatum-type pea, which means it has a heavily fasciated (thickened) stem with all the flower buds borne in a great clump at the top. The flowers bloom more or less all at once and the pods form in a big clump, sticking out in all directions. … The pink flowers are very much the same colour.

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What are blue peas?

Whole Blue Peas are the same peas used for Split Green Peas but with the skin left on. They’re a firm but tasty pea with plenty of bite and superb in spicy dishes.

Why do Mendel choose pea plant for his experiment?

To study genetics, Mendel chose to work with pea plants because they have easily identifiable traits (Figure below). For example, pea plants are either tall or short, which is an easy trait to observe. Furthermore, pea plants grow quickly, so he could complete many experiments in a short period of time.

What is the chromosome number of pea plant?

In Pisum sativum there are 14 chromosomes.

How do pea plants reproduce?

Peas usually reproduce by self-pollination, in which pollen produced by a flower fertilizes eggs in the same flower. Pea plants grow quickly and do not require much space.