What is the state flower of Tennessee?

What is Tennessee’s state bird flower and motto?

Tennessee State Symbols, Songs, and Emblems

Designation Symbol / Emblem
Flower Passionflower What happened to the official state flowers? Iris
Fossil Pterotrigonia (Scabrotrigonia) thoracica of the Coon Creek Formation.
Fruit Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Game bird Bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus)

What is Tennessee State Wildflower?

The Tennessee Coneflower, Echinacea tennesseensis, is one of the official state wildflowers.

What is Tennessee state tree?

By common acceptance, the purple iris is considered the state cultivated flower. In 1919, the General Assembly, by Senate Joint Resolution 13, provided that a state flower be chosen by the schoolchildren of Tennessee. Accordingly, a vote was taken, and the passion flower, Passiflora incarnata, was chosen.

What is Tennessee’s state food?

List of U.S. state foods

State Food type Food name
South Carolina State picnic cuisine Barbecue
South Dakota State dessert Kuchen
State bread Frybread
Tennessee State fruit Tomato

What does the word Tennessee mean?

Tallassee and Tomotley were two Cherokee villages on the Little Tennessee River which were of Creek origin. … Samuel Cole Williams, a great writer and historian of Tennessee, wrote that the word “Tennessee” translated into the word “the bends,” which undeniably means the “bends” of a river.

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What is Tennessee state nickname?

Nashville became known as the Iris City. With the growth of the garden clubs, the dissatisfaction with the passionflower as a representative of the state grew as well and the iris was promoted to become Tennessee’s official state flower. Iris supporters claimed that the passionflower had never been officially adopted.

What is the state dog of Tennessee?

State dog breeds

State Dog breed Year of designation
Tennessee Bluetick Coonhound 2019
Texas Blue Lacy 2005
Virginia American Foxhound 1966
Wisconsin American Water Spaniel 1985

What is Tennessee state bird?

The Orange & White

Orange and white have been Tennessee’s official colors since 1891. Tennessee’s orange and white colors were selected by Charles Moore, a member of the university’s first football team, in 1891.

What dessert is Tennessee known for?

Tennessee: Banana pudding

Tennessee loves banana pudding so much that the state holds an annual festival for the dessert.

What is Florida’s state flower?

The blossom of the orange tree (Citrus sinensis) is one of the most fragrant flowers in Florida. Millions of these white flowers perfume the atmosphere throughout central and south Florida during orange blossom time. The orange blossom was selected as the state flower by the 1909 legislature.

What is the capital of Tennessee?

Nashville, also called Nashville-Davidson, city, capital (1843) of Tennessee, U.S., and seat (1784–1963) of Davidson county. Nashville lies on the Cumberland River in the north-central part of the state.

Was Tennessee a Confederate state?

However, when the American Civil War finally broke out in 1861, Tennessee, like other states in the upper South, voted for secession and joined the new Confederate States of America (Confederacy). Only Virginia saw more fighting than Tennessee during the war.

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