What is the purpose of the flower girl?

In modern times, a flower girl may indeed symbolize wishes for fertility and the forming of a new family. However, it seems that today, most couples include a flower girl in the wedding party to honor a little one who is close to the family.

What’s the point of the flower girl?

Some couples want a flower girl in the wedding party to enhance the aisle with flower petals. She symbolically leads the bride forward, from childhood to adulthood and from innocence to her roles of wife and mother.

What else can a flower girl toss?

25 Flower-Girl Alternatives to the Traditional Petal Toss

  • A Glowing (Possibly Fake!) Candle. Image Source: Kristen Kilpatrick Photography.
  • Soft Feathers. Image Source: A Beautiful Mess.
  • A Pretty Pinwheel. Image Source: Etsy user Rule42.
  • Handfuls of Lavender. …
  • Wintery Pine Cones. …
  • A Mini Bouquet. …
  • A Rustic Twig Wand. …
  • Fall Foliage.

What does flower boy and girl do?

The Role of a Flower Girl and Page Boy

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A page boy is to add that “cute factor”. … Their role was traditionally to walk down the aisle with the flower girls carrying the wedding bands but in modern weddings, walking down the aisle hand in hand looking gorgeous with the flower girl is equally acceptable.

Is it okay to not have a flower girl?

That being said, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to have one and not the other. The flower girl has a basket and the ring bearer has a pillow to carry anyway – they don’t need each other. While the flower girl doesn’t really do much (no, you don’t actually need to step on a path of petals), the ring bearer does.

Why do flower girls also wear white?

Your flower girl dress can be white or ivory to match/coordinate with your gown, like a mini bride. A flower girl in white historically is a symbol of purity and sweetness. It also highlights the contrast between the bride and young girl as the passage from childhood to womanhood.

Is 11 too old for a flower girl?

Usually, flower girls and ring bearers range from ages three to eight years old. But don’t let that stop you from giving those roles to someone younger or older, or even to adults, especially if you’re not too keen on the idea of including children in your wedding.

Can you have a flower boy?

Fortunately, flower boys are no longer a trend and we’re seeing less of it, at least at destination weddings. There are other things you can have children do in a wedding if you want to include them but they don’t fit the established age categories for traditional wedding party.

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Should the flower girl match the bride?

The short answer is no. Flower girl dresses don’t have to match the bride. Nor do they necessarily have to match the bridesmaids either. Most brides like to have a happy medium where the flower girls have a complementary, yet distinct, look of their own.

What does the flower girl do at a wedding?

The flower girl traditionally follows the last bridesmaid or maid of honor in the wedding processional, right before the bride makes her entrance. She often scatters flower petals, herbs, or confetti as she walks—centuries ago, this symbolized good fertility for the bride.

Why does the flower girl drop petals?

The wedding tradition of a flower girl is symbolic. The young girl, usually in a white dress, represents purity. She walks down the aisle in front of the bride, dropping flower petals, which symbolize fertility. … Symbolically, the flower girl represents the loss of purity to passion, love and fertility.

Does the flower girl stand with the wedding party?

Formation at a Christian Ceremony

Bridesmaids do the same on the bride’s side. The flower girl and the ring bearer stand just in front of the bridesmaids and ushers. When the bride reaches the altar, her honor attendant, the groom, and the best man turn toward the officiant.

What is the purpose of a page boy?

What is your page boys role? Traditionally page boys are in charge of carrying the brides train down the aisle, but nowadays they play an even more important role: ensuring the safe arrival of the wedding rings at the altar.

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Are ring bearers necessary?

What Does a Ring Bearer Do? Ring bearers, unlike witnesses or a certified officiant, are not actually necessary to get you formally hitched. … If the ring bearer is old enough to walk on his own, he should head down the aisle after the wedding party and deliver the rings to the best man or wedding officiant.

Why does the groom throw the garter?

The Garter Toss

To pacify the crowd and ease the bride’s mind, the groom began tossing out a piece of the bride’s wedding attire to distract the guests as the newlyweds made a quick escape from the reception. The garter toss is one way to rally all of the gentlemen to the dance floor.

What should I do without a flower girl?

Alternatives to Having a Flower Girl

  1. Skip the Petals. …
  2. Pre-Decorate the Aisle with Petals. …
  3. Add a Junior Bridesmaid. …
  4. Choose a Male Friend. …
  5. Baby in a Wagon. …
  6. Including Your Pet. …
  7. Decorate the Altar. …
  8. Skip the Flowers.