What is the flower for May 24?

The May birth flowers are the lily of the valley and hawthorn.

What is the birth flower for May 24?

May: lily of the valley and hawthorn

The May birth flowers are lily of the valley and hawthorn.

What is the birth flower for May?

Find Your Birth Month Flower

  1. February – Violet. Violets are various shades of purple and symbolize faithfulness, purity and modesty.
  2. March – Daffodil. …
  3. April – Daisy. …
  4. May – Lily of the Valley. …
  5. June – Rose. …
  6. July – Larkspur. …
  7. August – Gladiolus. …
  8. September – Aster.

What is the flower for May 25?

The Official Birth Flower Calendar:

Month: Birth Flower:
May: Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn
June: Roses & Honeysuckle
July: Larkspur & Water Lily
August: Gladiolus & Poppy

What is May’s birth animal?

May birth symbols:

Gemini. **Animal: ** Snake.

What is the flower for Gemini?

Flower: Lavender

Lavender is known for its diverse uses, similar to a Gemini’s versatile personality. With a distaste for the bland and ordinary, lavender makes the perfect birthday present for the wonderfully unique Gemini in your life.

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Why does May have 2 birth flowers?

During the month of May, two birth flowers take center stage — the hawthorn and the lily of the valley. These delightful flowers represent happiness and sweetness.

Is lily The flower for May?

Known for their sweet fragrance, the flowers from this plant are bell-shaped and most commonly found in white. The flowers bloom abundantly in the month of May, which is why they are also often referred to as May lilies. Convallaria majalis, Lily of the Valley’s scientific name, is quite telling in itself.

Is a Larkspur a water lily?

The July Birth Flowers are the Larkspur and Water Lily. The birth flowers for July are the lovely tall Larkspur and the striking aquatic Water Lily, which both bloom in summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

What is a birthday flower?

The birthday flowers for each month are as follows: January is Carnations, February is Iris, March is Daffodil, April is Daisy, May is Lily of the Valley, June is Rose, July is Waterlily, August is Poppy, September is Aster, October is Marigold, November is Chrysanthemum, December is Holly.

What flower is Tiger Lily?


The Tiger Lily symbolises confidence, prosperity, wealth and courageousness.

What are the birth month colors?

To start off, here’s the list of each birthstone by month.

  • January Birthstone: Garnet.
  • February Birthstone: Amethyst.
  • March Birthstone: Aquamarine.
  • April Birthstone: Diamond.
  • May Birthstone: Emerald.
  • June Birthstone: Pearl or Alexandrite.
  • July Birthstone: Ruby.
  • August Birthstone: Peridot.

What is the birth flower for June 24?

June ~ Rose & Honeysuckle

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The June birth flowers are the rose and the honeysuckle.

Is lily of the valley poisonous?

All parts of the plant are poisonous, with the greatest concentration of cardenolides being in the roots. The attractive red berries are the commonest source of poisoning in children. The cardenolides have a digitalis-like activity, causing cardiac conduction disturbances.

What birth month is Lily?

Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Month Birth Flower Meaning
May Lily of the valley Hawthorn Sweetness, motherhood Hope
June Rose Honeysuckle Romance Happiness
July Larkspur Water lily Positivity, dignity Purity
August Gladiolus Poppy Strength of character Imagination