What does the poet say about each flower?

The poet says that flowers are endless with their magnificent beauty all around like a magical world. hope you like the answer.

Which flower does the poet talk about in the poem flower?

The primrose and periwinkle are therefore symbolic of an innocent and happier state of existence; Wordsworth talks, for instance, about the flowers “enjoy[ing] the air [they] breathe.” (11) On that note, it’s perhaps significant that the poem specifically takes place in “early” spring, and that the primrose is in fact …

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Why does the poet say that the flowers are faded?

There is an innate similarity between the human lives and blossoms. … This is exactly like the life of the flowers. Flowers bloom, entertain the world with its colors and then fade away. This is the reason, the poet has compared flowers with human lives in the poem “To Blossoms”.

Why does the poet think that every flower enjoy its existence?

What makes the poet think that every flower enjoys its existence? Answer: When the flower blooms it is like smiling. Naturally, the flower is enjoying its time on earth.

What does he believe about the flower?

As he sits in his green bower among the primrose tufts and periwinkles, the speaker affirms his belief that every flower enjoys the air that it breathes.

How does the poet describe the flower school?

This poem is a vivid description of budding flowers and their growth in Spring, and it compares flowers to young school children. The speaker seems to be a young child, who speaks to a mother figure in the poem saying that he believes that the flowers must go to school underground.

What does the title The flower school signify how does the poet describe the flower?

Therefore, the “Flower School” is meant to refer to the knowledge that nature (symbolized by the flowers) possesses. Nature wishes to educate the youth of the world (given the setting is that of a school) on the importance of nature and the similarities that nature has to the youth.

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What does the poet mean by blossoms?

Raga Mounika Vungarala answered this. blossomes refers to flowers or mass of flowers.

What words does the poet use to describe the blossom?

Answer: The words used are bleak and beacon to bring out the contrast between the branch and the blossom.

What message is the poet trying to convey through the blossom?

the message that the poet is trying to convey in the poem is that if we selfishly hold on to the world’s resources,and the wealth that it has to offer,if we persist in discriminating on grounds of race,religion and caste then we are lost so we should not be cold from within.

What does the poet say about the budding twigs in the poem Lines Written in Early Spring What according to you is the implied meaning of the same?

The “budding twigs” are growing and reaching out for what they need to survive. They are also reaching out to happiness, as the poem earlier mentioned flowers enjoying the air they breathe. Similarly, the twigs are not merely alive but should enjoy life.

Which flowers did the poet see in the Bower What did the flowers have in common?

Answer: The poet saw primrose and periwinkle in the bower. All the flowers were enjoying the air they were breathing.

How does the poet appreciate the nature?

The poet uses the image of an ‘endless fountain’ coming down to us from heaven. According to him, nature and other beautiful things around us are like a gift from God, which give us infinite delight and joy.

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What is the faith of the poet?

a. What is the poet’s faith? The poet’s faith is that the beautiful flowers enjoy every ounce of the air they breathe.

What message is the poet trying to send out?

The poet conveys the message of love, kindness and unity through the poem A House, A Home. According to him, a house is a lifeless structure. It may have many beautiful and costly things, it may be strong and attractive, but it does not mean anything until a loving and caring family lives in it.

What is giving back the flower poem about?

The poem exploits the children’s confusion in order to blame Grant, against whom Piatt harbored a lifelong dislike, for the devastation of Richmond.