What Colour hydrangeas can you get?

Hydrangea come in shades of blue, white, pink and green. While colour is soil dependant (blue on acid soils and pink on alkaline soils), some are better than others and this guide provides our top choices.

How many different colors of hydrangeas are there?

You’ll find bigleaf hydrangeas in shades of pink, red, blue, and purple, as well as white. White varieties will bloom white in all soils – they never change color. Similarly, varieties that are red (which is actually a very deep pink and not a true scarlet red) will also generally keep that color in all soils.

What is the prettiest hydrangea?

Top 15 Most Beautiful Hydrangea Flowers

  • Hydrangea Aspera Rocklin: …
  • Hydrangea Macrophylla Konigstein: …
  • Hydrangea Macrophylla Lemmonhoff: …
  • Hydrangea Macrophylla Nikko Blue: …
  • Hydrangea Macrophylla Taube: …
  • Hydrangea Quercifolia Munchkin: …
  • Hydrangea Macrophylla Alpengluhen (Glowing Embers): …
  • Hydrangea Macrophylla ‘Forever Pink:

What is the most common hydrangea color?

Mophead Hydrangeas | Hydrangea macrophylla. These are the most popular bigleaf hydrangea. Many recognize these due to their large flower heads that are purple, blue and pink. In general, mophead and lacecap leaves are relatively thick and crisp, somewhat shiny, and often heart-shaped.

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Can you turn pink hydrangeas blue?

They are adjusting to the new environment. It is not unusual to see several different colors on one shrub the next year after planting. It is much easier to change a hydrangea from pink to blue than it is from blue to pink. Changing a hydrangea from pink to blue entails adding aluminum to the soil.

How can I tell which hydrangea I have?

If the flower buds open a green color, then turn white, and as they age turn green or greenish brown, you have an arborescens type. If the flowers open white and stay white until they get old, then you probably have a macrophylla type. White flowering macrophylla types are less common, but they do exist.

What plants look good with hydrangeas?

Azaleas, hollies, yews, mahonia, gardenia, loropetalum and boxwood shrubs will look good planted in front of hydrangeas. Azaleas blossoms will provide early color. You can select your favorite blossom color since the azalea blooms will have faded before your hydrangea is flowering.

What is the bluest hydrangea?

macrophylla ‘Enziandom’ to live up to its name as the bluest of the blues. This picture doesn’t do justice to its deep intense color. So, you really want those electric blue blooms on your Hydrangea macrophylla, aka big leaf hydrangeas, hortensia, French hydrangeas.

What is the easiest hydrangea to grow?

Oakleaf varieties are the easiest type of hydrangeas for beginners to grow. Why are oakleaf hydrangeas so easy? They aren’t picky! Oakleaf hydrangeas can tolerate colder weather, handle more sun, withstand drought, are more disease/pest resistant and grow in sandy soil better than other hydrangeas.

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How big do blue hydrangeas get?

The blue hydrangea grows to a height of 3–6′ and a spread of 3–6′ at maturity.

How do I keep my hydrangeas purple?

If the flowers are deep blue, you know that your soil is acidic and has aluminum. All you have to do for purple flowers is to amend the soil with lime and phosphorus. Do this in fall to alter colors the following growing season, noting how much lime you used so you can adjust the shade to your liking in the future.

What is a purple hydrangea?

Deep Purple™ Hydrangea lives up to its name, covered with the richest purple blossoms of any hydrangea. Each blossom begins a chartreuse green color, opening to a deep violet hue. Early blooming and long-lasting flower heads provide months of color in the summer garden, and look stunning in bouquets and vases.

Do red hydrangeas stay red?

How to Keep Hydrangeas Red. If your red hydrangeas start turning pale or getting a bluish or purple hue, this means the soil is probably too acidic. In order for the flowers to remain red, the plants shouldn’t be getting aluminum from the soil.

How do I make my hydrangeas blue UK?

To encourage blue hydrangea flowers, grow the plant in soil that has a pH of 5.2-5.5. If your soil is more alkaline, you can lower the pH by applying Soil Acidifier at the rate specified on the package. Soil pH can also be lowered (more gradually) by applying an acidic organic mulch, such as pine needles or pine bark.

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How do you keep blue hydrangeas blue?

To keep your hydrangea blue or if you wish to change from pink to blue it needs to be grown in acid soil that has a pH level of 5.2 to 5.5. To make your soil more acidic you can add sulphur, aluminium sulphate or sulphate of iron to your soil.