Question: What type of hydrangeas are on Cape Cod?

In fact, the blue hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) is one of the signature plants in the Cape Cod garden. “People around here always have it because it reminds them of the ocean. Hydrangeas are easy-care, once you establish them. They’re very forgiving and easy to grow without much maintenance at all,” Gillis said.

Are hydrangeas native to Cape Cod?

The truth is hydrangeas are very old-fashioned flowers, and while not native to Cape Cod or the Islands (just like that other local favorite, Rosa rugosa), hydrangeas have long thrived in our sandy soil and moist summer climate. … Hydrangeas do present a few unique challenges in terms of care.

Do hydrangeas grow in Massachusetts?

Hydrangeas are among the most popular flowering shrubs for Massachusetts landscapes. Indeed, the “blue” hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla or bigleaf hydrangea) is one of the signature plants in the Cape Cod garden. … Hydrangeas may be grown in either full sun or light dappled shade.

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How do I know what kind of hydrangeas I have?

If the flower buds open a green color, then turn white, and as they age turn green or greenish brown, you have an arborescens type. If the flowers open white and stay white until they get old, then you probably have a macrophylla type. White flowering macrophylla types are less common, but they do exist.

Where are hydrangeas in Cape Cod?

The Best Cape Cod Hydrangea town

Chatham is not only known to be home to some of the best Cape Cod beaches, but also Chatham Light and one of the more popular Cape Cod attractions Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Chatham is also the perfect town to spot the Cape Cod hydrangea in full bloom, keep reading to see why!

Why are there so many hydrangeas on Cape Cod?

Winters aren’t as predictable. Fortunately a great many varieties of hydrangea like cool springs, temperate summers and acidic soil. Welcome to Cape Cod! Mild winter temperatures can cause the buds to swell, then when it gets frigid, they snap off and the flowers are lost, but only for the year.

Why do hydrangeas grow so well on Cape Cod?

The ocean climate on the outer Cape makes Chatham and the surrounding areas just a bit warmer than the rest of the Cape. People who live near the ocean love blue hydrangeas. In fact, the blue hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) is one of the signature plants in the Cape Cod garden.

What is a Bobo hydrangea?

Bobo® hydrangea is engulfed by large white flowers in summer. The flowers are held upright on strong stems, and continue to grow and lengthen as they bloom. No flopping, unlike some panicle hydrangeas! … It is compact and dwarf in habit, and the flowers cover every inch of the plant right down to the ground.

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When can I plant hydrangeas in Massachusetts?

Late spring and early fall are good times to plant. Avoid planting on very hot days or very windy days. Before digging the hole, water the plant in its container. Water it in well after planting.

How long do hydrangeas bloom in Massachusetts?

Blooming for up to two months, the blossoms open lime-green, mature to brilliant white, then back to pale green in late summer before switching to a tan shade in fall. The blossoms contrast nicely with the foliage of dark green leaves.

Which hydrangea blooms the longest?

Conical flower heads up to 15″ long are the largest of all panicle hydrangeas. Blooms mid-summer, creamy-white blushing to soft pink as the summer progresses. Heavy bloomer.

What is the best white hydrangea plant?

Hydrangea arborescens – Smooth hydrangeas are among the most popular hydrangeas that are white such as ‘Annabelle,’ ‘Incrediball,’ and ‘Invincibelle Wee White. ‘ These white hydrangeas are known to thrive in shady garden locations and may even naturalize where conditions are ideal.

What type of hydrangeas can take full sun?

While several species of hydrangeas thrive in shade, panicle hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata) are the best for growing in full sun. These summer-blooming shrubs produce large clusters of white flowers for several weeks. The showy blooms fade to shades of pink or red before drying to beige.

What is a limelight hydrangea?

Limelight panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’) is just the shrub to fill the bill. While other hydrangeas stick to pink, purple or blue blooms, Limelight shines with massive, pale-lime flower clusters—and it’s easy to care for, too. … Limelight flowers take center stage from summer through fall.

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What is a blue hydrangea?

Follow these tips to make sure you’ll get gorgeous blue flowers every time. blue ‘Brestenberg’ hydrangea flowers. ‘Brestenberg’ is a variety of bigleaf hydrangea that produces huge clusters of blue flowers when planted in acidic soil.

Where are hydrangeas in Massachusetts?

Welcome to the hydrangea garden at Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, MA. Hydrangeas are just one of the many beautiful flowers on display at Heritage Museums and Gardens. And that’s another beautiful visit to Cape Cod on the books!