How many garlands can be formed with 10 flowers?

Explanation: With 10 flowers, you can make one garland.

How many flowers do you need to make a garland?

You will need four dozen carnations or roses and five dozen marigolds to complete your garlands. The larger the flower, the less you will need; the smaller the flower, the more you will need. Collect a sturdy needle, heavy thread and some greenery, statice and baby’s breath (for added texture and color).

How many garland of 10 flowers each can you make using 21 flowers?

Answer: Using 21 flowers, 2 garlands of 10 flowers each can be made and 1 flower will be left.

How many types of garlands can be formed from 10 flowers?

so for making garland from these 10 different flowers = (n-1) ! =(10-1) ! =9 ! so we can make garland 362880 different ways.

How long will a flower garland last?

Answer: The foliage used in the wedding garland should last a full day. Direct sun exposure will cause it to dry more quickly. If it is outdoors in the cool shade and not too warm it will often look fresh for a couple days. Much like flowers, without a water source greens will wilt and dry.

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How many baskets of 10 chickens are there answer?

Answer: There are 4 baskets of 10 chickens.

How much can Simran carry?

How Much Can Simran Carry? Guess which bags Simran can carry. Answer. 1 kg Salt and 1 kg Ghee.

How many chickens are there in all 50 plus 4?

(b) 50 + 4 = 54. In the’evening, she counted the chickens again. Answer.

How many garland is 6 flowers?

Complete step-by-step answer:

Number of ways to arrange 6 different flowers =5! Number of ways to arrange 6 different flowers are 120.

How do you make a real flower garland?

Cut the carnations and small chrysanthemums stems to 4cm in length. Cut lengths of twine or white string to about 1.2 metres. Attach the flowers to the twine with tape. Mix up the colours and sizes of the flowers, as well as the spaces between them.

How do you preserve garland flowers?

How to preserve a full garland

  1. Combine two parts warm water to one part glycerine liquid in a large cooking pan. …
  2. Pour the glycerine solution into a large container, which will fit the garland you are trying to maintain. …
  3. Allow your garland to remain in the solution for five to seven days.