How do you get an orchid keiki?

Many times, however, keikis are created when an orchid is stressed. If an orchid is dying, asexually producing a keiki may be its best chance at passing on its genes. Because keikis are produced asexually, without pollination, each keiki is genetically identical to its mother plant.

How do I make my orchid grow keiki?

To propagate orchids with keiki paste, using a sterile blade, make a shallow cut on a node, or little bump, on the orchid flower stalk and apply the keiki paste. For best results, choose the node that is closest to the base of the orchid. Next, using a Q-tip spread a small amount of keiki paste to the node.

How do you make keiki paste at home?

2. Keiki Paste Recipe

  1. The ratio should be 1 part of BAP powder to 1000 parts of lanolin.
  2. You can experiment with the concentration up to 4 parts of BAP to 1000 parts of lanolin but not more than that because of some adverse effects which I will explain below.

Can you plant a keiki without roots?

When a keiki first appears on your stem, it would first focus on sprouting a few leaves, three or four. Even when the leaves have grown as big as 4 inches long, there can still be no sign of roots and this is absolutely normal. This is because keikis like to have well-developed foliage before sending out roots.

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How long does it take keikis to grow?

It usually takes about two years for a keiki to become a mature flowering plant. Continue to care for your growing orchid with our 10 Simple Steps to Keep your Orchid Healthy.

Can you start an orchid from a cutting?

Orchids can be grown from cuttings but only if the cut is done after a keiki—a new growth on the side of the Phalaenopsis flower spike or stem—has developed good roots and stems. Orchids can also be propagated through the division of back bulbs.

Can you make your own Keiki paste?

To make a small amount of keiki paste, warm 1 gram of lanolin in a small glass container. Sprinkle 1 milligram of BAP powder over the lanolin and mix the two ingredients thoroughly with a long toothpick or bamboo skewer. Apply the keiki paste one week after the last flower on the spike opens.

What is in crazy Keiki paste?

The yellow paste in Keiki Paste is Lanolin which is a waxy substance that comes out of Sheep wool and is used in some skin care applications.

Can you propagate an orchid from a flower stem?

Stem Cuttings

It should be thick, healthy, at least 10 inches high, and have a good aerial root system attached. Cut the stem near the orchids base and just above a node, or leaf joint. This will allow a new orchid to continue to grow from the trimmed stem.

Can I leave a keiki on an orchid?

Keikis will eventually grow into a completely separate orchid, but they draw resources away from the mother plant. … Leave the keiki on the mother plant until its roots are 1 to 3 inches long, and it has a small shoot and a couple of leaves.

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