Do you need a permit to remove a saguaro cactus?

A person may move a saguaro cactus without obtaining a permit, tag and seal only if the person maintains documentation of a previous legal movement or if the department has record of a previous legal movement of the cactus by the person.

Can I remove a saguaro from my property?

On federal land such as Saguaro National Park, it’s illegal to remove any plant, including saguaros, according to the National Park Service. As for state, tribal or private land, removal or destruction of saguaros in Arizona is illegal without the landowner’s permission and a permit.

Is it illegal to cut down a saguaro cactus on your property?

If you have a Saguaro cactus on your property, cutting it down is a crime. Landowners are required to notify the Arizona Department of Agriculture. … If you are found to have cut or removed a Saguaro from your property, you can face a felony criminal-damage charge.

How much is a permit to remove a saguaro cactus?

Permit, Seal & Tag Fees

Type Cost
Type “Salvage Assessed” Permit (annual) Cost $35
Type “Harvest Restricted” Permit (annual) Cost $35
Type Seal Fee (for each plant) Cost $0.15
Type Saguaro Tag Cost $8
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What is the fine for cutting down a saguaro cactus?

Ray O’Neil, chief ranger at Saguaro National Park, told Fox News that “it’s illegal in Arizona to dig up cactus anywhere unless you have a permit.” Cutting down a cactus, like Arizona’s iconic saguaro, is a crime punishable with up to 25 years in prison and a hefty fine.

Do you need a permit to remove a saguaro cactus in Arizona?

As a home owner, you have the right to remove, sell or give way any native plant growing on your property. However, any Saguaro over four (4) feet tall must have a movement permit obtained from the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

Can I sell my saguaro cactus?

ANSWER: Yes, you can do that, but saguaros are protected native plants and you cannot sell one without first obtaining a permit from the Arizona Department of Agriculture. … The permit fee is $7 plus $8 for a tag for the saguaro.

Do saguaro cactus have deep roots?

By the time a saguaro is four feet tall its roots have been growing for as many as 55 years and they stretch out four feet from the main stem in all directions, and three to five inches deep. The roots have special hairs on them that enable the collection of up to 200 gallons of water during a rainfall.

How much does a saguaro cactus cost?

Saguaro cactus costs about $100 per foot, with average prices ranging from $20 to $2,000 in the US for 2020 according to DFRanchandGardens. osieOnTheHouse says, “The smaller the saguaro, the less it will cost. But generally, they go for about $100 or more a foot if they are just spears and are in excellent condition.

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How do I remove cactus from my property?

Use a shovel or axe to physically detach the top portion of the plant. Dig approximately 2 to 4 inches under the soil until you see the main root of the plant. Sever the main root of the cacti by chopping through it. Dig out as much of the root system as possible with a shovel.

How much does it cost to move a saguaro cactus?

Be prepared to pay anywhere from $10 to $15 per foot to relocate saguaros without arms (called “spears”), and from $200 to $400 for armed plants (1994 rates).

What is a Class 5 felony in Arizona?

A Class 5 felony has a presumptive sentence of two years, and an aggravated term of two years and six months. Pimping and pandering, which is profiting from or facilitating prostitution in Arizona, are both Class 5 felonies.

How old can saguaro cactus get?

An adult saguaro is generally considered to be about 125 years of age. It may weigh 6 tons or more and be as tall as 50 feet. The average life span of a saguaro is probably 150 – 175 years of age. However, biologists believe that some plants may live over 200 years.