Can I bring water into the Philadelphia Flower Show?

We recommend wearing a hat, using an umbrella and bringing water to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. There will be sufficient opportunities to refill water bottles throughout the Show grounds, as well as to purchase bottled water through most of the Flower Show eateries.

How long does it take to go through the Philadelphia Flower Show?

For nine days, June 5-13, the show will fill FDR park with colorful floral and plant displays, along with educational installations and activity-based hubs. This year’s theme is HABITAT, Nature’s Masterpiece, a nod to the positive impact that plants and gardening have on our communities and lived environment.

What should I wear to the Philadelphia Flower Show?

Blooming Outdoors at FDR Park

With our outdoor June venue this year, we encourage everyone to dress in their best Garden Party attire (collared shirt, slacks, sun dresses, etc.; jacket and tie not required). Comfortable shoes should be worn, as the Park grounds contain grass, pavement, and slight hills.

Are masks required at the Philadelphia Flower Show?

COVID-19 UPDATE: The City of Philadelphia’s Department of Health provides the most current health and safety guidelines for the Flower Show. At this time, the current policy regarding mask-wearing indoors and outdoors are as follows: Guests are not required to wear masks outdoors at the Flower Show.

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Are masks required at Philadelphia Flower Show 2021?

Masks are required for entry and the duration of the show visit. Cleaning regimens will operate on an enhanced schedule to ensure sanitizing of all public areas.

What is the cost of a ticket to the Philadelphia Flower Show?

Adult tickets start at $50 for attendance any day of the Show, and $45 for choosing a specific date. Young Friends tickets – for those ages 18-29 with identification – are $35 for any day, and $30 for date-specific attendance.

Where will the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show be held?

Like many other iconic events, the Flower Show is making changes for 2021. This year, the spectacular display takes place entirely outdoors for the first time ever, running June 5-13, 2021 in South Philadelphia’s FDR Park.

Is the Philadelphia Flower Show outside?

The decision to produce the 2022 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show outdoors was made to accommodate the continuing challenges and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. FDR Park’s spacious 15-acre footprint allows for social distancing and the associated health benefits of being outside.

How old is the Philadelphia Flower Show?

PHS has held the Philadelphia Flower Show since 1829. The event regularly attracts about 250,000 attendees from across the globe and raises $1 million for PHS programs that promote sustainability and advance health and well-being.

Does Acme sell Philadelphia Flower Show tickets?

You can also buy Flower Show tickets at any local Acme retailer.