Why are the flowers eager to come out?

The speaker wonders why the pretty flowers are so eager to come out and play. He concludes that they too need the warmth and love of their mother. rustle : to make a sound of leaves moving or rubbing together giant : very large H. Let’s understand the Poem : Read the poem silently and answer the following questions.

Why are the flower children eager and in such a hurry?

Answer. The flower children are raising their arms towards the sky because they want to embrace their mother. … They are tired of their school life and now they are very eager to meet their mother. So they are in a hurry.

What tempt flowers come out?

Answer: The child in the poem says that the flowers are taught in closed rooms and not allowed to play before time. They do not come out of the room till their homework is over and if they come out they are scolded by their teachers. The child says this because he is visualizing the flowers as human beings.

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Where do the eager flower wish to go?

The flowers are eager to go to their school. 3. Writing 1. Given below is the summary of the poem “The Flower -School”.

How do the flowers show their keenness to reach heaven?

Answer: They make a rustling sound.

What did he believe about the flowers?

As he sits in his green bower among the primrose tufts and periwinkles, the speaker affirms his belief that every flower enjoys the air that it breathes.

Why does the child think flowers raise their arms to the sky?

The poet says he knows why the flowers raise their arms to the sky. They do so because their mother is in the sky, exactly like the poet’s mother who also became a star in the sky after her demise.

What is the main theme of the poem the flower school?

The poem is a conversation between a child and his mother. The process of learning of a child by going to the school has been personified with the process of bowing the seed. The soil performs the function of a school and helps the seed to learn the things of how to deal with the situations above the ground.

What does the poet experience about the flowers?

According to the poet, the actual home of the flowers is in the sky. The poet describes flowers as little children full of eagerness and enthusiasm to see the outside world.

Why does the poet want to go and meet the pretty flower?

Answer starts below:

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Answer 3: The poet wants the violet to be in the rosy bower to show its beauty . So that the poet can go to the valley to see the beautiful flowers.

What was the belief of Lencho?

Answer: Lencho had faith in God. He believed that God could see everything and would help him out. Lencho wrote a letter to the God, explained his situation and asked for some money from God.

What do you think of Martha as a student?

Marta is shy, hand working, intelligent and extra ordinary student. She deserves encouragement by bestowing upon them awards and rewards.

Which season is referred in the poem?

The seasons mentioned in the poem are summer, rainy, spring and autumn.

What was the fact that alarmed the narrator?

the fact that alarmed the narrator wasIthat ants could eat the diary.

How does the speaker describe the storm?

How does the speaker describe the storm? Ans. The speaker describes that with the strong storm the branches hit against each other , leaves makes crackling sound and cloud make sound of thunder.

What are the figures of speech used in the poem the flower school?

“The Flower-School” by Rabindranath Tagore uses figures of speech like personification, metaphor, and imagery. The poem uses these to develop the symbolism of the flowers. These flowers represent the emotions and internal life of the speaker, who uses them to put words to his or her joys and struggles.