What is the advantages of bright colored petals in flower?

Brightly coloured petals help in attracting insects for cross-pollination.

What is the advantage of bright and coloured petals?

Petals are usually brightly coloured because they attract insects. Flowers produce the sweet smell and bright coloured petals, which increases the chances of pollination. Pollination is a very important step in the sexual reproduction of higher plants.

What is the purpose of bright flower petals?

Answer and Explanation: Flower petals act as signals or signs to many different types of animals because flowers depend on animals for reproduction. The bright, vibrant colors of flower petals signal to animals that there is nectar, a sweet syrup material, within the flower.

What is the benefit of Colourful petals for plants Class 7?

What is the benefit of colourful petals for plants? Answer: Colourful petals attract insects, birds and other animals. It helps in cross pollination.

What is the advantage of fragrant nectar?

Fragrant nectar helps in attracting insects for pollination.

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What is the purpose of Colourful flowers?

Why Flowers Have Color

Flowers that are bright in color are meant to attract birds, bees and other insects in order to help the plants reproduce. Bright colors or dull colors are fixed in the genetics of a flower.

What is the importance of Colourful and fragrant flowers with nectar in cross pollination?

Flowers are generally very colourful and fragrant so as to attract insects. Insects are very important in bringing about pollination. Insects visit flowers and carry away pollens on their bodies.

Why are flowers brightly Coloured and sweet smelling?

Most of the flowers are brightly colored with a sweet smell because these things attract the insects so that insects come and sit on them. In this way the pollens fall on the insect. When this insectsit on another flower , there they shed the pollens. This helps in pollination.

How do brightly coloured petals help in pollination?

Petals on some plants will be brightly coloured to attract animals for pollination to occur. Other plants lack brightly coloured petals or parts, because they use wind or water as pollinating agents. Their pollen grains will be also light so that they can be easily swept away.

What is the advantage of petals scented with Nectaries?

Brightly coloured petals and fragrant nectar attract insects, birds etc. to pollinate the flower. Nectar is the reward that bees get in return of pollinating the flower. Hence, this helps in insect pollination.

What is the advantage of smooth and light pollen grain?

a) The long and feathery stigma are advantageous to plants to catch the pollen. b) The brightly coloured petals are for attractung the various agents for pollens. c) If the pollen is smooth and light,It can easily dispere away with the air and can pollinate the stigma.

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What is the advantage of long and feathery stigma in the flower?

Long and feathery stigma helps to trap pollen grains in wind-pollination.