What happens if you break the delicate flower?

Taking damage with the flower in the inventory lets out a burst of petals in a unique hit animation. While riding the Stagways breaks the flower, riding the Trams does not. Accepting the flower automatically sets the Knight’s save point to the Bench outside the Grey Mansion.

What happens if you give the delicate flower to Elderbug?

Trivia. Although he is a valid recipient of the Delicate Flower, giving him the Flower does not have any effect and only counts as it being destroyed.

Are delicate flowers infinite?

You can get infinite delicate flowers. The GM will keep giving you flowers until you complete the quest. Even after you deliver the flower to the grave, you can take one from the grave and keep giving it to them.

Does Dream Gate destroy the delicate flower?

Using the Dreamgate destroys the Delicate Flower.

What happens if you give the delicate flower to Godseeker?

If the Delicate Flower was given to the Godseeker before the Knight’s final ascension, the flower makes the Void Given Focus vanish instead of being freed into Hallownest.

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How do I get eternal Emilitia?

Emilitia can be found in a hidden room in the City of Tears. Her room is first only accessible through a series of hidden walls in the Royal Waterways, but after the door is opened from within it can be re-entered at any point, providing an alternative entrance to the Waterways.

How do you get the delicate flower ending?

Ending 5: Delicate Flower

In a brilliant white flash, the Godseeker and the Void disappear leaving only the flower upon the ground with a tinge of black on one of its petals. The scene that follows is the same as with Embrace the Void. It ends with Hornet in the Temple of the Black Egg.

Where is the traitor child grave?

The Traitors’ Child’s grave is located above the Stag Station in the Queen’s Gardens.

What is the most delicate flower?

Among the most delicate flowers on this list, tulips add a soft touch to any floral arrangement. And, their graceful stalks make a lovely addition to funerary flowers. Like mums, tulips come in a wide variety of colors ranging from vibrant and popping to understated pastels.

Is a dandelion delicate?

The common dandelion is considered by many gardeners to be a nuisance, although it is frequently cultivated and harvested for its nutritional properties. A mature dandelion appears as a small, delicate flower with bright yellow petals and a bloom that is about as large in diameter as a U.S. quarter.

Where can I find GREY mourner?

Location. Grey Mourner is found residing in a house in a hidden area in the east of the Resting Grounds. The ceiling above a chest needs to be broken to access her location. Her residence is referred to as the “Grey Mansion” on the physical map.

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Can you use tram with delicate flower?

Ways to Destroy the Flower

Note that riding the Trams does not destroy the Flower.

How do you unlock Dream Nails?

How to Acquire. The Dream Nail is acquired in the Resting Grounds by inspecting the Dreamers Memorial. Doing so sends the Knight into a dream where they receive the Dream Nail from a Moth.

How much essence do dream bosses give?

Dream Bosses are harder variants of previously beaten bosses which upon completion reward 300-400 essence. Spirits immediately give one essence each upon striking them with the Dream Nail. Normal enemies will drop one essence as a rare drop on death (chance is on the order of a few percent).