What are Cleistogamous flowers write one advantage and disadvantage each of such flowers?

Cleistogamy has the advantage that the plant produces assured seed set even in the absence of pollinators and disadvantage is that self-pollination occur which reduces chances of variation and evolution of genetically superior progeny.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cleistogamous flower?

Advantage- Cleistogamous flowers have the advantage of sexual reproduction between two same parents, resulting in genetically pure line seeds. These seeds retain parental characters. Disadvantage- Due to the absence of cross-pollinated no sexual recombination and so no genetically distinct seeds produced.

What are cleistogamous flowers and its advantage?

Virtually all plants that produce cleistogamous flowers also produce chasmogamous ones. The principal advantage of cleistogamy is that it requires fewer plant resources to produce seeds than does chasmogamy, because development of petals, nectar and large amounts of pollen is not required.

What are cleistogamous flowers?

cleistogamous) refers to a flower in which the perianth remains closed, such that pollen produced from within the flower pollinates only the stigma(s) of that flower.

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What is meant by cleistogamous?

Definition of cleistogamous

: characterized by or being small inconspicuous closed self-pollinating flowers additional to and often more fruitful than showier ones on the same plant violets are cleistogamous.

Do you think that place to give me is advantages or disadvantages to the plant Why?

the advantage of cleistogamy is that the plant can propogate itself under unfavourable conditions. the disadvantage is that there is self pollination due to which the chances of variation and evolution of genetically superior plants is reduced.

What are advantages and disadvantages of seed dormancy?

There are many disadvantages to seed dormancy. Dormancy prevents prompt and uniform emergence of seedlings; interferes with planting schedules; contributes to “volunteering” of crops; and causes problems to the seed analyst. essential if effective means for overcoming it are to be devised.

What is cleistogamy and example?

Answer: Cleistogamy is a type of automatic self-pollination of certain plants that can propagate by using non-opening, self-pollinating flowers. … They remain closed causing self-pollination. Examples: Viola, Oxalis, Commelina, Cardamine.

What is the advantage of chasmogamy or cleistogamy?

Despite expectations, no difference in reproductive strategy or population genetic structure was observed. The two classic advantages of cleistogamy – more reliable and economic seed production as compared to chasmogamy were confirmed in G. clandestina, however. It was also revealed that in the perennial G.

What is Homogamy and cleistogamy?

As nouns the difference between homogamy and cleistogamy

is that homogamy is (botany) fertilization of a flower by pollen from the same plant while cleistogamy is (botany) the production of flowers which do not open, and are self-fertilized in the bud.

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What are the disadvantages of self-pollination?

Disadvantages of self-pollination

  • The seeds are less in numbers.
  • Cannot be produced new varieties of plants.
  • Produced seeds are weak due to the minute size of the endosperm.
  • Without new characters introduced, the resultant offsprings’ immunity to diseases reduces.

What is cleistogamous flower Class 12?

Cleistogamous flowers are flowers that do not open at all. Cleistogamy refers to the self-pollination which occurs in unopened flowers. Advantage of cleistogamy: … In other words, it can be said that cleistogamous plants can propagate itself under unfavorable conditions.

Are cleistogamous flowers underground?

(A) : Cleistogamous flowers are ususally self pollinated. <br> (R) : These remain unopened and are found underground.

Which of the following plants produce S chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers?

Viola pubescens is a perennial, mixed breeding herb that produces both chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers at different times of the season.

How do you spell cleistogamous?

pertaining to or having pollination occurring in unopened flowers. Also cleis·to·gam·ic [klahy-stuh-gam-ik]. Compare chasmogamous.