How do I get rid of little flies on my cactus?

Why does my cactus have little flies?

Fungus gnats fly to cacti when the soil is moist and conditions are warm, breeding larvae that crawl on the cacti before maturing into flying insects. As they breed, these gnats can become a nuisance in the garden or greenhouse.

How do I get rid of little flies in my plants?

Mix four parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide and soak your soil with the solution. Neem oil can also be diluted with water and applied to the soil to kill larvae. You can also use neem oil as a spray to kill adult flies on contact.

How do I keep bugs off my cactus?

Mix 3 parts rubbing alcohol with 1 part water. Then, dip a cotton swab into that mixture and rub it on any spots that the bugs have colonized. This treatment is best for small infestations of mealybugs and scale insects. Both attach themselves to the cactus in small colonies.

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How do you get rid of gnats on a Christmas cactus?

Try insecticidal soap spray first, as this may be enough to keep fungus gnats in check. You may need to repot the plant in a clean pot filled with fresh, well-drained potting mix, then be careful not to overwater, as gnats are attracted to soggy soil.

How do I get rid of flies on my succulents?

Your succulents will be fine for a few days and even weeks without water. To kill the gnats flying around, an apple cider vinegar trap will do the trick. Simply put a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a plastic cup. Add a couple drops of dish soap.

How do you get rid of little flying bugs in potting soil?

Hydrogen peroxide solution is a quick, cheap, and effective way to kill larvae on contact. Mix four parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide and spray down your soil. Fungus gnats are annoying, but they’re no match for a plant parent with a plan.

What can I spray on my plants to get rid of gnats?

Mix one tablespoon of lemon-scented dish soap with two liters of water. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray the infested houseplant liberally with the soap mixture. Be sure to coat the soil, stem and leaves thoroughly.

Why does my plant have little flies?

Known as fungus gnats, they’re actually tiny flies, about 1/8-inch long, that are drawn to moist potting soil and decaying leaves on the surface of the soil around your plants. … Fungus gnats love to lay their eggs in damp potting soil. The eggs become larvae, which feed on fungi in the soil (hence their name).

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What can I spray on cactus for bugs?

If you’re more of a hands-off bug killer, you can dab a mealybug with rubbing alcohol or spray it with a mixture of liquid dish soap and water. After applying the soap, let it sit for a day and then gently rinse that area of the cactus.

Why is there bugs in my cactus?

Although most problems associated with cacti and succulents grown as houseplants are bacterial or fungal diseases caused by overwatering, they do get the occasional insect pest. The most common pests are scale, mealy bugs and root mealy bugs. Less common pests include spider mites and fungus gnats.

How do I get rid of cactus moths?

Cactus moth control techniques include removal of infested host cacti or the release of sterile moths. Host plant removal entails the sanitation and elimination of all Opuntia plants from an area and should only be used in certain circumstances.

Why does my Christmas cactus have flies?

Unfortunately, Christmas cacti are susceptible to spider mites and fungus gnats. Luckily, fungus gnats are super easy to get rid of and deal with. The first course of action is to let the soil dry out completely to kill off the eggs. If that doesn’t work, try using insecticide (which is a type of bug-killing soap).

Why does my Christmas cactus have fruit flies?

These little creatures feed off of fungus when your Christmas cactus gets overly wet – a rare occurrence in its natural climate but overwatering will cause this. The thing about fungus gnats is that they love wet soil!

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What is the fastest way to get rid of gnats?

5 Ways to Get Rid of Gnats

  1. Make an apple cider vinegar trap. Place a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and a tablespoon of sugar in a bowl and stir the contents. …
  2. Make a fruit trap. …
  3. Pour diluted bleach down the sink or tub drain. …
  4. Make a candle trap. …
  5. Hire a professional pest control company.