Best answer: Can a boy be a flower girl?

Some couples do not have a little girl in their life that is the right age to fill the role. One of the newest wedding trends as of late is to have a little boy act as the flower child.

What do you call a male flower girl?

Her male equivalent is the ringbearer or page boy. Often the ringbearer and the flower girl are made to look like a couple, and they may be dressed in miniature versions of the bride’s and groom’s clothes.

Is it OK to have a flower boy?

Fortunately, flower boys are no longer a trend and we’re seeing less of it, at least at destination weddings. There are other things you can have children do in a wedding if you want to include them but they don’t fit the established age categories for traditional wedding party.

Who can be a flower girl?

Flower girls are usually between the ages of four and seven, but there’s no firm rule. If there’s a nine or ten-year-old girl who’s important to you, you should absolutely have her as part of your wedding!

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What do flower boys do?

The role is generally filled by a young boy who will enter the ceremony and walk down the aisle at the front of the bridal procession. He will usually have the rings displayed on a cushion or pillow and will bring them down the aisle to the altar in preparation for the ceremony.

Can a 12 year old be a page boy?

Page boys are typically between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. However, there is no lower age limit – even toddlers and babies can be pageboys (they just might need some help getting down the aisle). … But having a young ring bearer is an adorable alternative.

What can a page boy carry?

The page boy can be given a basket of petals to scatter in front of the bride as she makes her way down the aisle. In the event that any attendees suffer from hay fever, fake petals or soap bubbles can serve as an alternative to real petals.

Is 12 too old for a flower girl?

Usually, flower girls and ring bearers range from ages three to eight years old. But don’t let that stop you from giving those roles to someone younger or older, or even to adults, especially if you’re not too keen on the idea of including children in your wedding.

Is 11 too old for a flower girl?

Flower girls are between ages 3 – 8.

You can have a flower girl who’s 9 or 10 (they’re so cute, too!), but at this age, she might prefer to be called a junior bridesmaid. … Even with flower girls of different ages, there are ways to make them all feel included.

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Can a 17 year old be a bridesmaid?

A junior bridesmaid is a younger member of the wedding party who falls between the ages of a flower girl and bridesmaid (usually about eight to 16, or whatever ages you feel are appropriate). She might be a younger sister or sister-in-law, a niece, a cousin, a daughter, or a close family friend.

What age is a page boy?

Page Boys and Ring Bearers are normally aged between three and ten years old; any younger and you may have more than you bargained for; any older and you will struggle to convince them to oblige and they may get confused as an usher.

How do I ask my parents to be my flower girl?

Find out how to ask your flower girl or ring bearer to be in the wedding by reading the below tips:

  1. Ask permission. First things first, ask the child’s parents to make sure they are okay with it. …
  2. Explain who else is involved. …
  3. Wait it out. …
  4. Send them a book. …
  5. Don’t worry about toddlers. …
  6. Make it special. …
  7. Include them.

What do page boys do?

A page boy is a young male attendant at a wedding or a cotillion (a social dance). … At cotillions, there may be many pages, for effect. Traditionally, page boys carry the bride’s train, especially if the bride is wearing a dress with a long train.

What is a page boy and flower girl?

The Role of a Flower Girl and Page Boy

A page boy is to add that “cute factor”. … Their role was traditionally to walk down the aisle with the flower girls carrying the wedding bands but in modern weddings, walking down the aisle hand in hand looking gorgeous with the flower girl is equally acceptable.

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Should you have a flower girl?

Typically the youngest person in the wedding party, the flower girl precedes the bride down the aisle. … Flower girls aren’t a necessity for your big day, and we’ll go into alternatives later, but if you decide to incorporate the tradition into your wedding, there might be some questions that arise.

Does the bride pick the flower girl?

The bride chooses the flower girl dress. This standard tradition (the bride choosing the dress, the parents of the flower girl paying for the dress and accessories) still holds true for today’s weddings. Most traditions are born of practicality and the same holds true for this one.